Verizon’s Latest Move: Your Ultimate Shield Against Annoying Spam Texts!

Verizon, one of the leading wireless carriers in the US, has unveiled an innovative way to help its customers combat the incessant annoyance of spammy email-to-text messages. In a bid to protect users from potential harm and frustration, they have introduced a user-friendly feature that allows subscribers to easily block these pesky texts right from their smartphones.

The Spam Epidemic

Shocking statistics reveal that more than 80 percent of email-to-text messages received by Verizon customers are spam. This alarming trend has spurred the carrier into action to safeguard its subscribers from the relentless onslaught of unsolicited and often deceptive messages.

The Traditional Way to Block Spam

Previously, Verizon users had the option to turn off email-to-text messages by logging into their My Verizon account. However, not everyone was utilizing this feature, leading to the introduction of a more straightforward solution.

A Simpler Approach

Now, Verizon subscribers can easily rid themselves of those annoying email-to-text messages by simply sending a text message. All it takes is a quick message saying “Off” to the number 4040, and you will no longer receive text messages from email addresses.

A Word of Caution

While blocking email-to-text will effectively eliminate spam messages, it’s important to note that this action will also prevent you from receiving legitimate messages from email sources. So, if you frequently receive important emails via text, consider keeping the feature enabled.

Reversing the Block

The good news is that re-enabling email-to-text is equally straightforward. A simple text saying “On” to 4040 will restore your ability to receive email-to-text messages. If you’re uncertain about your current status, you can check it by texting “Status” to 4040.

Stay Informed

Depending on your current status, you will receive one of two messages: “Email-to-Text is blocked for your phone number. Text ‘on’ to 4040 to allow.” or “Email-to-Text has been allowed for your phone number. Text ‘off’ to 4040 to block.” You can take the appropriate action based on these responses. For further assistance, text “Help” to 4040 to receive detailed instructions on how to enable or disable email-to-text.

A Broader Effort to Fight Spam

Verizon is not stopping at this feature alone. Wireless carriers, including Verizon, are continually enhancing their tools to help customers combat spam in all its forms. Verizon’s call filter feature already warns users about potential spam calls, allowing them to avoid answering them. Now, they’ve made blocking email-to-text messages just as simple.

A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

In a statement, Verizon expressed their commitment to improving customer experiences and satisfaction. Their ongoing efforts aim to empower users with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify which calls and texts are worth their attention. Users can also report spam texts by forwarding them to 7726.


With Verizon’s latest move, subscribers can breathe a sigh of relief as they regain control over their text messages. No more frustrating spam texts cluttering up your inbox! Verizon’s user-friendly solution is here to make your mobile experience spam-free, ensuring that only the messages that matter reach your phone. Say goodbye to spam and hello to a more enjoyable mobile experience with Verizon.