Unlock the Secret to Effortless Vacation Hairstyles: Heatless Hacks for Curly Hair

Hello there! I’m Lollie, and I have a confession: I used to be a straightening addict. My hair straightener was my trusty sidekick, and my hair routine was packed with hot tools. But as they say, you always want what you don’t have. Despite childhood memories of long curls, I fell in love with the allure of straight hair. Now, at 23, I’m on a journey to rekindle my relationship with my natural curls.

Challenges in the Land of Sun and Sea

I decided to embark on this journey in Ibiza, a place known for its sun, sea, and parties. However, styling hair abroad, especially in hot, humid climates like Ibiza, can be a challenge. Jay Birmingham, a celebrity hairstylist, pointed out that the heat and humidity can wreak havoc on curls, leading to frizz and loss of definition.

Heat-Free Styles for the Perfect Vacation Look

Ibiza, known for its vibrant atmosphere, was the perfect backdrop for my week of heatless styling. Here are some of the effortless styles I tried during my vacation:

1. Poolside Plaits:

  • On our first day, I opted for a high ponytail with micro plaits on either side.
  • I used quality products like Arkive’s Liquid Hair Spray, Moroccanoil’s Treatment, Amika’s Curl Corps, and R+Co’s Moon Landing anti-humidity spray.
  • Plus, I had Rehab’s Hair Oil Capsules on standby for frizz control.

2. Beach Club Bun:

  • The low bun is my go-to for keeping hair out of my face, especially by the pool.
  • To protect against chlorine, I applied Moroccanoil’s Restorative Hair Mask and let it soak up the sun.

3. Holiday Half-Up:

  • For a chic yet carefree look, I slicked back the front of my hair, leaving half of my curls loose.
  • Products like Moroccanoil’s Curl Control Mousse, Eco Style’s Olive Oil Styling Gel, and R+Co’s Moon Landing anti-humidity spray helped keep the frizz at bay.

4. Plait it Back:

  • A slick plaited ponytail was my choice for a day rave.
  • I secured it with Moroccan Oil’s Hydrating Styling Cream and a trusty elastic.
  • Hairspray and anti-humidity spray kept it in place.

5. Curl Takeover:

  • Of course, I had to let my curls shine on some days.
  • Moroccan Oil’s Curl Control Mousse and Curl Defining Cream worked their magic.
  • Mini clips, like the ones from Primark, kept the front sections back.

Confidence in Curls

Returning to the UK, I not only brought back memories of an amazing vacation but also a newfound confidence in my natural curls. It turns out, embracing your hair’s natural beauty can be both liberating and stylish. Now, it’s time to tackle those under-eye bags that decided to come home with me.

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