Ultimate Space Cowboy Weapon: Elegance Pistol in Starfield!

In the vast cosmos of Starfield, every space cowboy dreams of acquiring the perfect weapon. Meet the Elegance pistol, a formidable firearm that defies the laws of armor and leaves a trail of destruction in its wake.

A Game-Changer from Rowland Arms Located in Akila City, the Rowland Arms weapon shop is now offering the coveted Elegance pistol for a price. For all the space adventurers yearning to get their hands on this game-changing firearm, we have the inside scoop.

Unleash the Power of Elegance The Elegance pistol, priced at a hefty 18,244 credits, comes packed with astonishing features:

Shattering: Defying armor like no other weapon.

Reflex Sight: Enhancing your accuracy.

Suppressor: Dealing extra damage to undetected foes.

Penetrator Rounds: Ensuring your bullets find their mark.

High Powered: Delivering devastating blows.

Binary Trigger: Rapidly firing shots for maximum impact.

Early Access for Space Cowboys Believe it or not, you can obtain the Elegance pistol early in your Starfield adventure. As soon as you’ve completed the tutorial and handed over your artifact to Constellation in New Atlantis, it’s time to set your sights on the stars.

Navigating to Akila City Open your star map, center it on Alpha Centauri, and scroll out. Look to the upper right corner, and you’ll find the Cheyenne system. Click on it, and in solar system view, seek out the planet Akila, the second celestial body from the star. Zoom in to locate the landing site for Akila City.

The Road to Elegance Touch down on Akila City and head to the left side of the main road, where Rowland Arms awaits. Inside this weapon shop, the Elegance pistol is up for grabs. While its price may initially seem steep for rookie space cowboys, you can turn your collected junk into credits to make this beauty yours.

Unmatched Firepower The Elegance pistol’s secret lies in its ‘shattering’ attribute, which pierces through even the toughest armor. It dispatches human foes, turrets, and robots effortlessly, regardless of their level. With diligent skill leveling, your pistol prowess will skyrocket, resulting in colossal damage with each shot.

Silent Lethality Additionally, the Elegance pistol boasts a suppressor, providing extra damage to unsuspecting adversaries. Combine this with its rapid fire rate, and you’ll neutralize formidable foes before they even notice your presence.

The Only Drawback While the Elegance pistol is a near-perfect weapon, its small magazine size necessitates frequent reloading. Space cowboys must make those initial shots count, but for those who do, the Elegance pistol promises unparalleled firepower.

In the realm of Starfield, the Elegance pistol is the ultimate game-changer, shattering armor, and leaving no adversary unscathed. Make your mark in the cosmos by acquiring this deadly masterpiece from Rowland Arms today! Your journey to becoming the galaxy’s most feared space cowboy starts here.