Starfield: Your Guide to Launch, Savings, and Exclusive Features

Starfield, the highly anticipated space epic from Bethesda Studios, is set to grace PC and Xbox screens on September 6. After seven years in the making, gamers worldwide are eager to embark on this interstellar journey.

  • Release Date: September 6
  • Available on PC and Xbox

Early Access for Premium Edition

Gamers who splurged on the Premium Edition got a head start, enjoying Starfield’s wonders before the official release. This premium bundle provides immediate access on Xbox Series S, Series X, and PC.

Play for Less than £10 with Xbox Game Pass

Surprisingly, you can experience Starfield without breaking the bank. Despite a retail price of £70, you can save a staggering £60 and dive into the game on launch day. Here’s how:

  • Xbox Game Pass: For just £8.99 per month (usually £12.99 from Microsoft), CDKeys offers the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Perfect for gamers with both an Xbox and a PC, this pass allows you to enjoy Starfield on both platforms without the full game’s cost.

Seamless Cross-Platform Gaming

Xbox Game Pass also unlocks the power of Microsoft’s xCloud service. Pair an Xbox controller with your iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPhone, or Android smartphone, and seamlessly pick up where you left off. Progress syncs back to your console or PC, eliminating the need to replay missions.

PC Users: Explore the PC Game Pass

If you’re exclusively a PC player, Microsoft offers the PC Game Pass for just £7.99 per month. Gain access to a vast library of games for a modest monthly fee.

Premium Edition: Unleash Exclusive Content

The Starfield Premium Edition promises an enhanced gaming experience:

  • Shattered Space Story Expansion
  • Constellation Skin Pack: Equinox Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, Helmet, and Boost Pack
  • Starfield Digital Artbook
  • Original Soundtrack

This edition also grants early access to the game. CDKeys offers the Premium Edition for just £65.99, a steal compared to the standard price of £89.99.

Xbox Players: Exclusive Savings

For Xbox enthusiasts, the Premium Edition is available at CDKeys for just £72.99, a significant discount from the £99.99 price tag you’d encounter directly from Microsoft.

In conclusion, Starfield’s launch date is approaching rapidly, and there are various ways to enjoy this space-faring adventure. From early access opportunities to budget-friendly options like the Xbox Game Pass, there’s something for every type of gamer. Don’t miss out on the Premium Edition’s exclusive content and discounted prices. Get ready to embark on your intergalactic journey on September 6!