Say Goodbye to Click-to-Call in Google Chrome 116

In a surprising turn of events, Google Chrome’s latest stable update, version 116, has left many users upset by bidding farewell to the beloved “click-to-call” feature. This abrupt departure has caused quite a stir among vocal users, who have taken their concerns to the Chromium forum, catching the attention of a Google employee willing to consider their pleas for a revival.

The Vanishing Act of Click-to-Call

Click-to-call was a handy feature that allowed users to click on a phone number displayed on their PC and seamlessly initiate a call on their connected Android phone, all without the need for manual input. It was a time-saving gem, removing the hassle of unlocking your phone and punching in numbers. Unfortunately, with the latest Chrome update, this feature has been unceremoniously discontinued, leaving users scratching their heads.

User Outcry on the Chromium Forum

The disappearance of click-to-call didn’t go unnoticed, and concerned users quickly flocked to the Chromium forum to voice their displeasure. In a passionate discussion titled “Bring click-to-call back,” users shared stories of how this feature had become an integral part of their daily lives. Some even revealed that they used it over a hundred times a day while collaborating with co-workers.

A Glimmer of Hope

In response to the fervent pleas of users, a Google employee chimed in on the forum, offering a glimmer of hope. The employee stated, “I’ll have a conversation with our product team about whether we can continue to support the feature.” While it’s not a guarantee of click-to-call’s return, it’s a positive sign that Google is willing to listen to its users. For now, forum members can “star” the thread to show their continued interest in the feature’s comeback.

Alternative Solutions on the Horizon

Although click-to-call may be gone, it’s not the end of the road for convenient calling options in the Google ecosystem. Google has been spotted working on a “Link Your Devices” feature for Android 14. This feature would allow users to start a call on one device and seamlessly transfer it to another without interrupting the call or requiring a re-dial. While this may not be groundbreaking for Apple’s iOS users who have had Continuity for a while, it’s a promising development for Android users.


The removal of the click-to-call feature in Google Chrome 116 has left many users disappointed, but their vocal outcry has prompted Google to consider its return. While there are no guarantees, the company’s willingness to engage with users on this issue offers a glimmer of hope. In the meantime, users can explore alternative calling solutions like the upcoming “Link Your Devices” feature in Android 14. The Chrome community awaits further developments, hoping for the return of a beloved feature that made their lives easier.