Navigating Starfield: Essential Tips for Your Galactic Adventure

Starfield has landed, and it’s an epic, intricate universe that can be daunting to newcomers. With its vast menus, sprawling cities, intricate skill trees, resource mining, base construction, and ship customization, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But fret not! We’re here to guide you through the early stages of this expansive sci-fi RPG. Let’s dive into some fundamental tips to kickstart your journey among the stars.

Character Appearance Is Changeable Don’t stress over your character’s looks initially; you can modify them later. Visit an Enhance! shop and spend 500 credits. The nearest one when you start is in the commercial district in New Atlantis.

Frequent Hard Saves In Starfield, the unexpected can happen at any moment. Failing persuasion attempts, encountering massive aliens, or accidentally crashing your ship – it’s all possible. While the game auto-saves, it’s not foolproof. Be mindful, as it’s a Bethesda game, after all.

Adjust Volume Settings Starfield bursts with loud, intense music initially. After about 20 minutes, dialogues might become hard to hear. Boost the voice volume and tone down the music slightly for a balanced experience.

Loot from Pirates After your first big fight, loot the pirates for an assault rifle and other valuables. You’ll need these items to thrive in the early stages.

Utilize Companions for Inventory Loot everything you can and unload it onto your trusty robot companion, Vasco. Your companions in Starfield can carry your extra items and engage in dialogue trees. Don’t hesitate to utilize their help.

Master Cover Mechanism Starfield’s combat features modern shooter-style cover mechanics. Use cover effectively to enhance your combat prowess, making it distinct from previous Bethesda RPGs.

Leverage the Laser Mining Tool in Combat The Cutter you start with is surprisingly effective in battle. It operates on a cooldown with unlimited ammo and can stun-lock close-range enemies. Use it to conserve precious bullets early on.

Configure Helmet and Space Suit Settings You don’t need to manually put on or remove your helmet each time. Leave it and your suit on and access the inventory section for each. Enable the option to automatically hide them when not needed, saving you from looking like a space dork in towns and stations.

Invest in Persuasion Traits To avoid needless confrontations and resource wastage, prioritize investing in persuasion traits. This increases your chances of resolving conflicts through dialogue, making your journey smoother.

Watch Out When Selling Items Be cautious not to accidentally sell your equipped gear while selling your loot. Double-check before hitting that sell button.

Efficient Fast Travel through the Quest Menu You don’t always need to navigate the star chart to reach a new planet. If you’ve been there before, use the “select course” option from the pause menu to travel directly to your destination, saving valuable time.

Scan Everything Your helmet sensor offers detective vision, highlighting nearby enemies and valuable loot. It’s also how you survey fauna for extra XP and locate your ship’s position on the horizon for instant fast travel.

Don’t Forget to Rest Taking a nap fully heals you and grants a “well-rested” bonus, increasing your XP gain rate.

Utilize the Research Station on Your Ship Upgrade weapons, suits, helmets, and even cook food in Starfield, but first, do some research. Gather materials like iron and fiber to unlock new mods and craft improvements for your gear.

Be Cautious with Digipicks While Lockpicking Undoing a lockpick still consumes a digipick, so use them wisely as they’re not plentiful.

Utilize Your Ship’s Inventory You can store extra items in your ship’s cargo hold. Access it from the ship part of the menu (bottom left). While it’s not unlimited, it provides ample storage space, especially in the early stages.

Favoriting Items Saves Time Although Starfield might not initially mention favoriting weapons, you should definitely do it. Map essential items to your d-pad to switch quickly during combat, streamlining your gaming experience.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to embark on your Starfield adventure with confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or new to the cosmos, these insights will prove invaluable as you journey through the galaxy’s uncharted territories. Safe travels among the stars!