Mind-Blowing Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond – What’s Next?

Magic: The Gathering fans, get ready for a trip through time and space! The beloved science fiction series, Doctor Who, is joining the Magic Multiverse on October 13th. This Universe Beyond collection will feature four thrilling Commander decks inspired by different incarnations of The Doctor and their companions.

  • Timey-Wimey: Explore the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors’ adventures.
  • Masters of Evil: Battle iconic villains like Daleks, Cybermen, and The Master.
  • Blast From the Past: Journey through time with the first eight Doctors.
  • Paradox Power: Team up with the Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors.

Each Commander deck contains 50 Doctor Who-themed cards and ten Planeschase cards, offering over 200 new cards in total. Collector Boosters will contain serialized versions of the Doctors, making it a must-have for collectors.

Final Fantasy: A Fantastical Mystery

The Final Fantasy Universe Beyond collaboration is shrouded in mystery, but it promises to bring the rich lore of this legendary franchise to Magic: The Gathering. While it’s unclear which specific games will be featured, Wizards of the Coast has confirmed representation from every mainline title.

Fans are speculating whether the focus will be on Final Fantasy 16 or the iconic Final Fantasy 7. Regardless, the potential for a full draftable set, like Tales of Middle-earth, opens up exciting possibilities to explore the vast Final Fantasy universe.

Assassin’s Creed Sneaks into the Multiverse

Assassin’s Creed stealthily makes its way to Magic: The Gathering with a unique Universe Beyond expansion. Expect four or five Commander decks, each centered around a different iconic character from the series, including Ezio, Altaïr, Eivor, Kassandra, and Bayek.

Explore their stories and the Assassin’s Creed universe in a whole new way, with legendary cards showcasing character growth and evolution.

Fallout: A Post-Apocalyptic Expedition

In 2024, Magic: The Gathering takes a radioactive leap into the Fallout universe. While details are sparse, preconstructed Commander decks promise a thematic and diverse experience. Raid wastelands, confront mutants, and command retro-tech robots as you navigate the nuclear apocalypse.

This addition marks a departure from the typical Magic expansions, bringing post-apocalyptic vibes to the Multiverse.

Welcome to: Jurassic World – Dinosaurs Reawakened

The earth-shaking return of dinosaurs is imminent in Magic: The Gathering’s Jurassic Park Universes Beyond expansion. Titled “Welcome To: Jurassic World,” this Universe Beyond bonus sheet can be found in Collector Boosters and Set Boosters’ “The List.”

Although details remain under wraps, expect thrilling prehistoric battles with 18 new cards and additional Secret Lair drops inspired by the series.

Future Universes Beyond – The Multiverse Expands

Wizards of the Coast is keeping future Universes Beyond crossovers tightly under wraps. The possibilities are endless, from Star Wars to Diablo, Genshin Impact, and Elden Ring. The Magic Multiverse is primed for more epic collaborations.

Could we see a return to Warhammer 40,000 or a full League of Legends set? The future of Universes Beyond is as vast and mysterious as the Multiverse itself, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next mind-blowing crossover.

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