JBL’s New Authentics Line – A Game-Changer in Wireless Speakers!

In a spectacular blend of nostalgia and innovation, JBL has unveiled its latest lineup of wireless speakers, drawing inspiration from their iconic L100 speakers of the 1970s. Meet the JBL Authentics line, set to redefine your audio experience.

A Trio of Excellence

The JBL Authentics line comprises three remarkable models – the Authentics 500, Authentics 300, and Authentics 200. These speakers come packed with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, ushering in a new era of audio connectivity.

Streaming Made Effortless

These speakers are not just about aesthetics; they are powerhouses of technology. With AirPlay, Alexa Multi-Room Music, Spotify Connect, and Chromecast built-in, your streaming options are limitless. Everything can be seamlessly controlled through the user-friendly JBL One app, which also provides customizable EQ settings for audiophiles seeking the perfect sound.

Adapting to Your Environment

JBL’s Authentics line goes a step further by offering automatic self-tuning. These speakers have the intelligence to adapt their sound to suit their surroundings, ensuring an optimal listening experience regardless of where they’re placed.

Voice Control Pioneers

For those who enjoy commanding their devices with voice control, the Authentics range has a remarkable feature – the ability to access both Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistants simultaneously. Switching between these assistants is as simple as uttering the respective wake words.

The Crown Jewel: JBL Authentics 500

At the pinnacle of the lineup sits the JBL Authentics 500, priced at £579.99 / €629.99. This 270-watt mains-powered speaker is a true audio marvel. It not only offers virtual Dolby Atmos support but also features three one-inch tweeters, three two-and-three-quarter inch midrange woofers, and a potent six-and-a-half-inch down-firing subwoofer. Prepare to be immersed in a world of sound like never before.

Portability Meets Performance: JBL Authentics 300

The JBL Authentics 300, priced at £379.99 / €429.99, might lack Dolby Atmos support, but it compensates with convenience. Sporting a carry handle and a built-in rechargeable battery, this model guarantees eight hours of uninterrupted streaming delight.

Compact Brilliance: JBL Authentics 200

For those seeking a compact yet powerful option, the JBL Authentics 200, priced at £299.99 / €329.99, is the answer. Featuring three one-inch tweeters, a full-range five-inch woofer, and a down-firing six-inch passive radiator, it’s designed to deliver exceptional bass. While it’s mains-powered and doesn’t include a rechargeable battery, it makes up for it in sheer audio excellence.

Available Soon

Mark your calendars – the JBL Authentics range will be available in striking black starting from September 15th. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of audio history revamped for the modern era.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Audio Experience with JBL’s Authentics Line

With the JBL Authentics line, you’re not just purchasing a speaker; you’re investing in a piece of audio innovation that combines the best of the past and present. From retro-inspired design to cutting-edge streaming capabilities and voice control, these speakers are set to revolutionize your audio world. Get ready to embark on a sonic journey like never before, courtesy of JBL’s iconic sound expertise.