Buffet Bonanza: How This Family Masters the Art of Morning Feasting!

When it comes to family vacations, most people think about visiting water parks, exploring temples, shopping, or admiring famous monuments. But for one family, there’s something that trumps all of these attractions – a breakfast buffet.

The Quest for Extravagance

For this family, the key to a perfect vacation is not just any breakfast buffet; it has to be lavish and over-the-top. They crave towering displays of pastries, muffins adorned with strawberries, meticulously arranged fruit, and silver domes promising a hearty English breakfast.

A Strategic Approach

To make the most of this culinary adventure, the family follows a well-thought-out plan. First things first, they reserve a table outside in the shade to ensure a comfortable dining experience.

The Scouting Mission

Before picking up their plates, the family embarks on a scouting mission. They carefully inspect each section of the buffet, from the egg chefs to the waffle stations, yoghurts, birchers, and even the Scandi zone offering salmon and caper berries. This planning phase is crucial to their breakfast success.

Diverse Tastes

With diverse tastes within the family, each member has their own strategy. The younger son, Sandy, has a special fondness for the pancake chef, while Freddy prefers a detour into the Orient with spicy noodles and spring rolls. The parents, on the other hand, begin with a healthy side plate of fruit before indulging in the buffet’s delights.

The Evolution of Buffet Mastery

In the early days, the family used to pile everything onto their plates at once, creating a mishmash of flavors. However, they’ve now evolved into expert buffet-goers, adopting solo missions to savor their favorites. These missions have led to personal bests, with the family record of 12 buffet visits in one sitting held by young Sandy.

A Memorable Feast

After an hour of careful selection, hearty eating, and admiration of each other’s choices, the family’s buffet adventure comes to a close. They leave the dining area with pockets filled with snacks like nuts, nectarines, yoghurts, pastries, and even, on occasion, a salmon roll. All this just in case they get hungry before lunch.

In the end, for this family, a vacation is not defined by landmarks or tourist spots but by their shared love for the art of breakfast buffets. It’s a tradition that brings them closer together and creates cherished memories to brighten their darkest winter days

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