From Maximalist to Minimalist: Meet the Rising Star Designer Who Mixes It Up!

In the world of interior design, a rising star is making waves with her unique blend of styles that can only be described as a delightful fusion of maximalism and minimalism. Hollie Bowden, the talented interior designer, is taking the design world by storm, drawing inspiration from the likes of maximalist Jacques Grange and minimalist Axel Vervoordt. Her unconventional approach is catching the eye of design enthusiasts worldwide.

A Fusion of Styles: Maximalism and Minimalism The Art of Mixing It Up

Hollie Bowden’s design philosophy is a breath of fresh air in the interior design industry. She proudly boasts a style that marries the extravagance of maximalism with the simplicity of minimalism. “I like to mix things up,” Bowden enthusiastically declares. Her signature style includes the juxtaposition of bare walls and open spaces with theatrical statement pieces, complex textures, and antiques. She also draws inspiration from Axel Vervoordt’s Japanese-inspired wabi-sabi aesthetic, incorporating organic, aged character into her designs. It’s a style that’s as captivating as it is unique.

Creating Serenity in Ibiza and Glamour at Heavensake Headquarters Showcasing Bowden’s Extraordinary Talent

Hollie Bowden’s design prowess is on full display in her serene villa in Ibiza, where she masterfully combines stormy hues with luxurious marble. The result is a breathtaking space that exudes both tranquility and glamour. But her talents don’t stop there. Bowden has also lent her creative touch to the headquarters of the sake brand Heavensake, where her subdued yet glamorous palette creates an ambiance that leaves a lasting impression.

Building Worlds Through Design Crafting Stories, One Project at a Time

Since founding her Shoreditch studio in 2013, Bowden has quickly risen to prominence with a team of six by her side. Her impressive portfolio spans from London to the Hollywood Hills, encompassing a range of projects from residential to retail. Whether she’s designing a home or a showroom, one thing remains constant: Bowden believes in crafting spaces that tell a story. “My job is to build a world and direct a vision that suits my clients,” she explains. “I believe your home informs your mood, so it’s important that you get the tone right.”

A Creative Journey Inspired by Mom From Childhood to Professional Success

Bowden’s diverse style can be traced back to her childhood, where her mother’s ever-evolving home served as an early muse. “When I was growing up, our house was always evolving,” she fondly recalls. “Mum would get bursts of inspiration and be compelled to revamp the place.” After an art foundation course, Bowden honed her skills at the KLC School of Design in Chelsea and further refined her craft under the mentorship of Oxfordshire-based designer Harriet Holgate, who introduced her to a quirky, classically English decorating style.

The Grand Projects and Dreams Ahead From Modernist Villas to Boutique Hotels

Bowden’s most ambitious project to date is the transformation of Es Cubells, a 1980s modernist villa in Ibiza. Filled with warm neutrals and bespoke furnishings, this property is a testament to her design prowess. She regularly creates unique pieces, such as horsehair-covered cabinets and iron shelving, as showcased in the Tanner Krolle store. As for what lies ahead, Bowden’s next endeavor is an abode on the picturesque Isle of Bute, but her dreams are even grander. She envisions the challenge of designing a boutique hotel, where her love for creating homes can blend seamlessly with her adventurous spirit.

Hollie Bowden’s design journey is a testament to the power of creativity and the joy of mixing styles. With her bold and eclectic approach, she is undoubtedly a designer to watch in the ever-evolving world of interior design.

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