Embrace ‘Lagom’: The New Scandinavian Lifestyle Trend

Last year, the buzzword ‘hygge’ was everywhere, from Facebook to cozy bookshops. But now, it’s time to bid farewell to this Danish sensation and welcome its younger, cooler cousin – ‘Lagom.’

What is ‘Lagom’?

Pronounced as ‘la’ (like ‘bar’) and ‘gom’ (like ‘prom’), ‘lagom’ is far easier to say and understand than ‘hygge.’ Translated as ‘just the right amount,’ it embodies frugality, fairness, and balance.

In the words of Kathleen Bryson, a PhD graduand in evolutionary anthropology at UCL, ‘lagom’ means having ‘not too much of one-or-the-other, but more a Goldilocks ‘just right.”

How is ‘Lagom’ Different from ‘Hygge’?

Elliot Stocks, co-editor and creative director of Bristol-based magazine Lagom, distinguishes the two. ‘Hygge’ is a fleeting moment of bliss, while ‘lagom’ is a way of life.

‘Lagom is an overarching concept behind your life in general. Rather than fitting a bit of lagom into your day, it’s more about your approach to your life as a whole,’ Stocks explained.

Achieving a permanent work/life balance, happiness, and frugality becomes the goal.

How Popular is ‘Lagom’?

The BBC reports a rising trend in UK searches for ‘lagom’ on Google over the last six months. In the past three months, the term has been tweeted more than 13,500 times.

Where Can I Find ‘Lagom’?

Numerous consumer companies have embraced ‘lagom,’ offering skin collections, knitted clothing, and furniture designed to simplify life, make it more enjoyable, and less costly.

Even IKEA has launched the ‘Live Lagom’ project, aimed at teaching people how to lead a more sustainable life. Partnering with the University of Surrey’s center for environment and sustainability and Hubbub, a sustainability-focused charity, IKEA offers gift vouchers to customers to encourage sustainable living in line with the ‘lagom’ concept.

How Can I Embrace ‘Lagom’?

As the new year begins, many of us seek resolutions to save money, reduce job-related stress, and indulge in our passions. ‘Lagom’ provides the foundation for achieving these goals.

Start by keeping a close eye on your finances, consciously reducing your environmental impact through sustainable practices such as choosing eco-friendly fabrics, recycling, and reducing energy consumption. Don’t forget to use those 5p shopping bags you’ve stashed away; every small effort counts.

In 2017, ‘lagom’ takes center stage, offering a sustainable and balanced approach to life that promises to replace the fleeting comfort of ‘hygge.’ Embrace ‘lagom,’ and discover a lifestyle that’s just right for you.