Dazzle Your Nights: 2023’s Must-See Outdoor Christmas Lights

With the holiday season just around the corner, the countdown to cozy nights, the return of Strictly, and Mariah Carey’s iconic “All I Want for Christmas” has begun. Amidst this festive excitement, one thing we can all agree on is the desire for dazzling outdoor Christmas lights. However, this year, we’re not only seeking sparkle but also efficiency that won’t put a strain on our wallets or the environment.

Lower Voltage, Brighter Lights: A Win-Win

Modern LED lights have impressed us with their surprisingly low voltage for the brightness they offer. This means lower electricity bills and a smaller environmental footprint. So, while you’re making your home shine, you can also take pride in your contribution to a greener planet.

Convenience and Flexibility

Worried about running cables inside your home? Don’t be! Many mains-operated Christmas lights now offer generous cable lengths, allowing you to discreetly connect the lights indoors. You’ll have the flexibility to position them exactly where you want for that perfect festive glow.

The Tech-Savvy Christmas Lights

Today’s outdoor Christmas lights are more high-tech than ever. They come equipped with timers and remote controls, enabling you to choose the perfect moment to light up your world. Plus, with multiple lighting modes and special effects, you can switch from twinkly to flashy or even change colors with just a push of a button.

How We Tested

We put a wide range of outdoor Christmas lights to the test, evaluating their make, affordability, durability, resistance to the elements, and, most importantly, their ability to create that magical atmosphere.

The Best Outdoor Christmas Lights for 2023

1. Atkin & Thyme Outdoor Snowing Cascade Lights – £60

For those aiming for a cozy chalet look this Christmas, these drop-down light clusters are a must-have. Designed to hang from trees, fences, or eaves, they emit a warm and classy glow. With eight settings, including one that mimics falling snow, an energy-saving timer, and plug-in convenience, these lights are a winner.

2. Cox & Cox Light Up Twinkle Cone Tree – £165

If you’re looking for something sculptural, Cox & Cox’s light-up twinkle cone tree is a head-turner. With 355 warm white bulbs and eight twinkle functions, it’s perfect for your garden. Plus, it’s weatherproof, ensuring a long-lasting festive display.

3. Twinkly Strings, Multicolour, 100 – £60.98

For those who take their Christmas illuminations seriously, Twinkly is the name to know. With 210 LED bulbs and endless color combinations, you can create custom patterns and control it via voice commands using the Twinkly app. It’s a true technological marvel.

4. The Seasonal Aisle 225cm LED Indoor/Outdoor String Lights – £17.99

These starburst lights are versatile and budget-friendly. Battery-powered and featuring eight different modes, they can be placed anywhere for a magical Christmassy vibe, inside or out.

More Dazzling Options

  • Gylefy Outdoor Christmas Lights, 100m – £36.99: Ideal for larger surfaces, these simple string lights offer great value and eight different modes.
  • Home Reflections Indoor/Outdoor Twinkling Festoon Lights – £25: Festoon lights with a Christmassy twist, perfect for smaller patio spaces.
  • Dunelm Silver Rattan Snowman – £18: A charming, battery-powered snowman to welcome your Christmas guests.

FAQs for Your Festive Lighting Needs

Choosing LED Lights: Decide between different color LED lights to set the right atmosphere for your space.

When to Put Up Christmas Lights: While it’s your choice, you’ll often see them appearing in the weeks after Halloween or on the 1st day of Advent (usually December 3rd).

When to Take Down Christmas Lights: Following tradition, some wait until Twelfth Night on either January 5th or 6th.

The Verdict: Atkin & Thyme’s outdoor snowing cascade lights, Twinkly’s multicolour strings, The Seasonal Aisle’s outdoor string lights, and Dunelm’s snowman offer a wide range of options to make your house and garden sparkle this Christmas.

In a season of joy and festivity, these lights will not only brighten your home but also keep your budget and the environment in mind. So, get ready to light up your holiday nights with these mesmerizing outdoor Christmas lights.