Apple’s Secret Chip Plans Revealed! From iPhone 15 Pro to M5 Ultra: What’s Cooking in Cupertino?

Apple enthusiasts, get ready for a sneak peek into the tech giant’s chip-making playbook! While we’re still buzzing about the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and the latest Macs, Apple seems to have even grander plans in the works.

Beyond the Horizon: Meet M5 Ultra and A19 Chips

It’s not just about what’s around the corner; Apple is already looking several years ahead. Recent research has unveiled the existence of chips ranging from the M5 Ultra to the A19, hinting at Apple’s long-term vision.

The Source of the Leak: Apple’s Own Servers

You won’t believe where these chip leaks originated. Surprisingly, it’s Apple’s very own servers that spilled the beans on their future endeavors.

Inside the Leak: How It Happened

Let’s dive into the details of how this intriguing chip information made its way into the public domain. A MacRumors forum user, LeoI07, stumbled upon a complex process that tapped into Apple’s servers to identify the chips in development.

Cracking the Code: Apple’s Server Query Experiment

LeoI07 shared, “I had the idea to run an experiment where I would make a TSS request for an ApImg4Ticket corresponding to every possible ApChipID.” In simpler terms, they ran a systematic test to determine which chip IDs Apple considered legitimate.

The Revelation: 12 Unreleased Chip IDs

The experiment yielded astonishing results. It confirmed the existence of as many as 12 unreleased chip IDs, including various M3 variants, M4 models, and M5 Pro chips. Notably, the iPhone chips A17, A18, and A19 were also on the list.

What Lies Beyond – The M3 Extreme Speculation

But there’s more! Among these revelations, 0x6033 and 0x6034 stand out as outliers. Could these be hints at a future M3 Extreme chip, possibly destined for the next-generation Macs?

Apple’s chip journey is a captivating tale of innovation and forward-thinking. Stay tuned as we unravel the mysteries of Cupertino’s technological wizardry!

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