A Modernist Oasis Amidst Italian Vineyards

Nestled in the picturesque Italian countryside near Venice lies Conegliano, a charming hill town renowned for its exquisite prosecco and wine production. Amidst the lush green foothills of the Alps, Massimo Formenton, from the architectural firm Parisotto + Formenton, has crafted a modernist masterpiece. This serene abode is a testament to simplicity and elegance, set against the backdrop of rolling vineyards and protective Alpine foothills.

Simplicity Redefined

The Conegliano House is a paragon of minimalist design, inspired by the homeowner’s desire for a tranquil and uncluttered living space. The architects drew inspiration from traditional Japanese design principles, creating open yet interconnected rooms adorned with only essential furnishings.

Elegance in Simplicity

Every detail of the Conegliano House exudes sophistication. The essence of the design is simplicity itself, with all necessary items discreetly tucked away in purpose-built closets, serving as the only visual partitions between living spaces. This minimalist approach creates an airy atmosphere that places the spotlight squarely on the quality of materials used. Various textures, from the rich grain of dark wood to the exquisite patina of concrete, serve as the sole adornments. Indeed, Massimo Formenton describes the concrete walls as “alive,” devoid of any need for additional decoration.

Indoor-Outdoor Harmony

The Conegliano House seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living, catering to the homeowners’ shared passions for mountain exploration and entertaining guests. Spacious seating and dining areas adorn the covered patios, fostering a sense of openness that invites the surrounding natural beauty indoors.

A Wine Lover’s Haven

Situated in the heart of a renowned wine region, the Conegliano House boasts a well-appointed wine cellar. Equipped with a refrigerator designed to maintain a variety of wines at the perfect temperature, it is a connoisseur’s dream. Whether savoring a glass of Malbec by the fireside or enjoying a Sauvignon Blanc on the patio, this home provides an unparalleled setting for the discerning wine enthusiast.


The Conegliano House is more than just a residence; it is a sanctuary where modernist design, serene living, and the appreciation of nature converge. With its minimalist elegance, seamless indoor-outdoor integration, and a wine cellar fit for aficionados, it embodies the essence of refined Italian living. For those seeking a retreat amidst the enchanting Italian countryside, Conegliano House stands as a testament to understated luxury.